How to choose the right parquet?

You have decided to change the existing floor with parquet flooring and need help with choosing the right parquet for your home. On this page you can find several things to consider.

The room for which you are choosing

Every room in your home has different requirements. These requirements, of course, need to be considered when choosing the appropriate floor. For example. The floor in the hallway must be durable and easy to clean, as well as to absorb noise as people leave and come. Also, it should be borne in mind that, for example, damage to the surface of the high gloss surfaces is more noticeable than on brushed parquet floors. Living room is a place where we spend a large part of the day. Therefore, it is necessary that the floor in the living room contributes to comfort and gives a feeling of warmth. The bedroom is another place where the parquet has found its wide application. It does not only contribute to the feeling of comfort, but also contributes to the creation of an oasis of peace that is needed in this room.


Oak is the most commonly used wood type for making wood floors . Oak parquet is a symbol for durable parquets with a very vibrant structure and color. The oak floor is always the perfect choice and as such is the precursor to all wooden floors. In addition to oak, as a very common wood species, clear with its gentle pink tones. Though very bright tones, it is very durable material. The parquet of the beech has a harmonious look of gentle yellow color and calming character. In addition to the application in the making of parquet, beech is the most commonly used wood in the furniture industry. Depending on the intensity and length of the beech mashing process, gentle light can be achieved to characteristically dark red, steady color in the tree, giving the beech a completely new look. Exotic wood species, such as jatoba, are characterized by extremely high hardness, reliability and resistance. In ancient times, people used it as an extremely good construction material, for the construction of ships and wagons. Parquet of this tree is characterized by a typical orange-red color, calm lines and high elegance.

The colour

As far as parquet colors are concerned, the Scandinavian style of interior decoration is indispensable in the last few years, and therefore it is parquet in bright and snowy white tones. Classic dark parquet types provide an exciting, unusual contrast compared to typical bright, visionary interiors of modern living spaces. As a rule, dark parquet floors are always made of different exotic wood species. As such, they represent an interesting and attractive contrast to the classic Scandinavian style. Thermal treatment gives a completely new, interesting look to parquet floors made from domestic wood species, creating a rich and dark style in the area and represent a really interesting and completely new alternative to tropical variations. This floor is also more stable and less responsive to frequent changes in humidity temperature in the room in which it is installed. Parquet floors of heat treated wood can be grinded several times over the years, while preserving their characteristic darker appearance, exactly the same as they were during the first installation. In a word - such parquets are both attractive and very practical.

Class of wood

The tree is alive, natural material and there are no two identical or similar wooden floors! In order to facilitate your choice, we grouped our offer in different styles of parquet. Selekt is our most characteristic style of parquet, with very small variations in the color and structure of the wood. The floors of this style are discreet and they respond with calmness and inadequacy. Nature parquets can contain small knots, brighter surfaces of balsamic wood, and greater color and structure variations than Selekt offers. Rustic parquet has a higher presence of knots in wood and with abundance of variations in color and structure. Certainly, whichever floor you choose, you will definitely not be wrong because the parquet never goes out of style.