Bathroom design

Bathrooms represent relaxing oases in every home. These spaces are usually the smallest area within each home, but this does not diminish their significance and their aesthetic value.

The special role in decorating the bathroom should be dedicated to the choice of colors, textures and materials that will complement your space, as unlike other rooms within your home, the bathroom abounds with a large amount of steam and water, which can significantly destroy or impair the appearance and quality of the material used.


As in all other parts of your home and in the bathroom, you need to take into account room brightness. If there is a possibility, it is highly desirable that your bathroom has a natural source of light and ventilation, so the stay in it will be much better, and the room itself will look and will be completely different. If the source of natural light is not possible, bathe your bathroom with a light that will appeal to your eye. Gentle white tones light bulbs are the perfect friends of every bathroom. In addition to the main lighting in the room, it is important to set up auxiliary lighting above the mirror or some other element, which will additionally illuminate the space and emphasize individual elements.


Do not limit yourself to just one color, dare to mix and combine different colors. One of the recommendations when decorating the bathroom interior is to emphasize the individual wall in the bathroom in relation to the rest of the room - most often this is done by different materialization and surface treatment. One of the most widely used methods / techniques is mosaic technique. The variety of small tiles will enrich the wall surface, and therefore the entire space.


Once you have solved some of the basic problems that bathroom furnishings require, it's the right time to deal with the mobile inside your bathroom. In addition to the basic elements that each bathroom should possess, you can complete your space with many other pieces of furniture, depending on the size of the room. The versatile towels, chemicals and cosmetics storage facilities will enrich your bathing suit, and will also help you in organizing space. An integral and indispensable part of every bathroom is a mirror. When the smaller bathrooms are concerned, it is advisable to put as large a mirror as possible. This way you will achieve that your bathroom visually acts significantly larger, and only the mirror can be the subject of special research and design. All this will greatly enhance your space.


Like all spaces within your home, as well as the bathroom, you can give a special note using a variety of details. If you are a fan of a lot of details, then make sure that the basic arrangement of the space is minimized and minimized, so that the space will not be lost in detail and color. Vases, scented candles, colorful towels, knit wicker baskets this space where you spend a considerable part of your time. A special trend in today's bathrooms is certainly decorative plants and diverse greenery. In this way, you will form a small oasis in your bathroom, which combines water and greenery in a completely unique and special way, and brings the interior closer to nature.

Bathroom flooring

Special attention should be given to choosing bathroom flooring , which is significantly different from the choice of floor space for other rooms in your home. When choosing a bathroom floor, you must keep in mind the large amount of water, steam and moisture in this area that will greatly affect the quality and look of the floorover time. As in the kitchen, even here the tiles play the most important role in shaping floor and wall surfaces. Nowadays, when technology has progressed, new types of materials resistant to water have been produced. Now you are no longer limited to the use of ceramic tiles in your bathroom, but also vinyl is specifically designed for use in wet rooms. Vinyl floors for wet nodes can be of diverse colors, textures and patterns, so now in your bathroom you can have a variety of motifs that will ideally fit into your personal style, thus giving your bathroom your personal seal. There are also waterproof vinyls , which resemble their appearance and texture on a wooden flooring, so your bathroom work much warmer and pleasant.

Wall coverings for bathrooms

As with the floor, and here tiles are the dominant solution. Today, the waterproofing wall coverings have been produced. You are no longer confined to the choice of ceramic tiles in the bathroom, but also the wall covering specially designed for use in bathrooms. Leave the imagination at will and contribute to the unique look of the bathroom with various motives.

Be sloppy and imaginative in arranging your bathroom. Play with materials, colors and textures, decorate it with plenty of detail, and make this little corner of your home very interesting and pleasant to stay.